Police at the incident on the Son Castelló estate. | Vasil Vasilev


More than twenty Palma and National Police officers went to the scene of a mass brawl on the Son Castelló industrial estate on Sunday morning. They responded at half six to calls concerning a fight outside the Eden Boliviano, a club on the estate.

At least fifty people were involved in the brawl. No one was seriously hurt, but twenty had suffered injuries such as cuts from glass or knives. When the police turned up, a number of people ran away, despite being injured. Others were so drunk that the police had difficulties taking statements, and versions as to what had caused the fight differed. One was that someone tried to take a bucket of bottles from a group of Bolivians. Another, given by a woman with a swollen eye, was that it had started because her sister was being hit.

In addition to initiating charges against individuals, the local police will also be pressing a charge against the club. It has permission to stay open until 5.30 in the morning, but the incident occurred an hour later. It is not the first time that there has been trouble at the club.