Caroline Flack, Love Island presenter.


In Sant Llorenç there are high expectations for the reality show Love Island, which is to be broadcast in the UK by ITV2. Mayor Mateu Puigròs says that there will, in general, be a beneficial effect for the whole town. Based at a house in sa Real, the production will bring more than 200 people and mean some 10,000 nights being booked at hotels. Places of interest in the area are to be publicised to those involved in the series. When work allows, it is hoped that they will get to know them.

The town hall will be receiving 4,260 euros for licences for temporary activities over three months from the start of May to the end of July. This breaks down as 1,840 euros for the house and programme scenes and 2,420 euros for renting an area near to the Via Verde to install and store logistical equipment.

Palma Pictures will be providing technical coordination for the local production. The budget for the series is 2.5 million euros, The dates for its broadcast have yet to be announced. Love Island brings together a group of men and women who will see if they can find a partner, which is the basic concept of the series, as is the potentially steamy nature of the relationships.

There is much talk about the series in Sant Llorenç among people such Tomeu Futre of the Bar V.B. in the church square; Miguel Servera, the postman; Francisca, Catalina and Magdalena, mother, daughter and friend; the owner of the Son Colom bar, Jaume Galmés; local police officers; David Heeley, who lives with his wife in Archemy, the finca which is next to where the series is to be filmed.

All are delighted about the filming. It will be provide good publicity for Sant Llorenç and there will be money around, courtesy of the more than 200 people involved. There will also be work, notes Galmés. An ad in his bar asks for cleaning workers, who would need to sign confidentiality agreements. When cleaners are in the house, their mobiles will be asked for.

People who have arrived to put up the scenery and to provide security have been to eat at sa Cova. The owner, though, didn't wish to say anything about this.

What might happen, though, if there is "torrid" activity which might cross the line? Might the town hall withdraw the licence? Everyone accepts that there may be people who are scandalised by the whole thing, but they also believe that what happens in the house stays in the house.