Inflatable bulls are already popular on the mainland.


The summer fiestas for the saints Abdon and Senen in Inca will this year have a new attraction. On 20 July, the fiestas will get under way with bulls, but these will not be real bulls. They will be inflatable.

The town's councillor for fiestas, Antoni Peña, says that the poster for this year's fiestas caused a good deal of intrigue when it was posted on Facebook. This is because it featured an announcement of the "SenenSierro" party (which is what the inflatable bulls event is being called). Residents wanted more information, while animal rights campaigners - perhaps misunderstanding what was planned - voiced their displeasure.

Peña explains that the bulls are some two metres long and are of course totally harmless. Such inflatables are in fact already used in parts of the mainland for children's fiesta events.

In Inca, things will start at quarter to eight in the Plaça Espanya on the evening of 20 July. Half an hour later there will be a sort of bull-run in the streets to the bullring, where there will be a party. Everyone taking part is invited to wear white with a red handkerchief.

The councillor adds that Inca doesn't have a particular fiesta event which is rooted in tradition in the style of, for example, Pollensa's Moors and Christians. The inflatable bulls are therefore an attempt to establish something new which will be for the whole family.

The actual bullfight during the fiestas hasn't been held in the past couple of years, though there was a recent bullfight in the town that was unrelated to fiestas.