Palma, where there is plenty of debate about holiday rentals.

16-12-2002T. Monserrat

The European Association of Tourist Apartments has been holding a general assembly in Brussels. The Balearic holiday rentals legislation was under discussion and it was criticised for being highly negative for the Balearic economy.

Aptur, the Balearic holiday rentals association which has been represented at the assembly, said that the legislation will exclude a high percentage of the total supply of rental accommodation. It will harm thousands of families and benefit only a few. Moreover, the legislation will be to the advantage of the hotel sector, which will continue with a model that means the concentration of tourism in certain areas.

Meanwhile, the tourism ministry is to deregister some 1500 holiday rentals places in a total of 264 properties.  Of these properties, 153 were registered despite not conforming to regulations under the 2012 tourism law. In other words, they were, for instance, apartments and had apparently been registered between 2015 and 2016. Under the 2012 law, these properties could not be registered.

The other 111 properties had been authorised before the 1999 tourism law. Tourism ministry inspectors have established they are no longer used for tourist purposes.


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john hughes / Hace over 4 years

biel barcelo = barcelo hotels


H / Hace over 4 years

Every body else can see it's wrong in apart from brain dead Barcelo the anti tourism minister or is he just ignorant ! Just a thought lets tax him on the air he breathes because his is a waste of it ! Mean while I'll watch my 17 year business go down hill because of this moron and the left wing government that supports the lazy anti tourism idiots that are too stupid to see how this island relies on tourism for employment, then they must have too much time on their hands so already unemployed and have no wish to better their lives and just get jealous and ruin for the ones that do want to work !