Work on a converted hotel in Palma.

17-12-2017Joan Torres

Boutique hotels are all the rage in Palma nowadays, but one hotel is getting residents into a rage. Work on what will be the Icon Rosetó Petit Palace Hotel is said to be making life impossible for residents on the calle de la Rosa and in Plaza Weyler. Numerous complaints have been made to the town hall, but apparently there has been no action.

Residents were particularly angered by the fact that there was work on 6 December, a public holiday when there is supposedly no authorisation for building. Palma police say that they received a number of calls complaining about this and sent officers to check. These officers then sent a report about the work and the noise to the department for urban planning. It says that it has not received a report.

The town hall's health department has confirmed that there is no authorisation on public holidays if work is going to create noise. Other sources at the town hall say that the police have gone on many occasions because of residents' complaints. The only breach of regulations that has been confirmed has to do with not having put up the required notice of the work on the building.

Residents believe that the town hall is "looking the other way". They seemingly don't wish to be identified as they fear reprisals. "Important people" are said to be involved.

They add that the work is such that at times they can barely walk along the street. Building workers, they claim, insult them and act in an unacceptable fashion by throwing food at their balconies and urinating against walls. One incident, a threatened assault, was denounced to the National Police.

As far as the residents are concerned, they are enduring a "nightmare". They believe that the town hall is knowingly acting in an illegal manner and say that they will take the matter to court. Some claim that their health is suffering and that they have medical proof. A further complaint has been made to the city's ombudsman.

Aina Moilanen, who is the ombudsman, has repeatedly asked the town hall to act. Her office says that there should have already been penalties because of the noise and the mess.


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W4yn0 / Hace over 3 years

That’s a bizarre statement Ron. So it’s the politicians fault that the property construction co’ ignores building rules and regulations???


John p / Hace over 3 years

What is the point of an ombudsman,is it a paid post,if so who pays.Obvious the hoteliers are in charge and have complete disregard for residents and know there will be no action taken. Obvious,close down the ombudsman department,send politicians on a freeby to a “conference” and all works will be complete for the new season.


S. / Hace over 3 years

Well said RON. The Hoteliers control everything in Mallorca. One day the residents will revolt.


Ron / Hace over 3 years

Plenty of noise now - but don't blame the workmen who are trying to earn a living! Blame Noguera and Més for granting those licencies. Lots of boutique hotels in the pipeline. As usual the hoteliers have the government in their pockets. They've exhausted the coast so now do the city and towns.! And when the tourists come to fill them - more complaints from the neighbours. Cases trundling down the narrow streets at all hours. Just because those tourists will pay a fortune to stay there - there won't be any less noise. I expect they will blame apartment rentals for it.