Will the coordination committee lead to actual co-management of Palma airport? | Archive


At the start of next year, coordination committees for Palma and Ibiza airports are due to be set up. Their formation is still pending a ministerial order from the national development ministry and so therefore the civil aviation directorate, but once they are established, the Balearic government hopes that they will act as an important step towards co-management of the airports.

Co-management has long been an aspiration of governments in the Balearics - both of the right and of the left. It is believed that this form of management would, for example, enable greater initiatives for tackling seasonality and attracting more tourists in the low season. The Balearic government doesn't at present have any say in issues such as scheduling or airport charges.

The director for ports and airports, Xavier Ramis, says that the committee for Palma airport will be the first one of its kind in Spain. The committee will offer the chance of more direct participation in the airport's management, and it will have representation from the government and Palma town hall.

Among requests made as to powers for this committee is one for establishing airport tax incentives in order to create new routes in the low season.