Some new holiday rental accommodation could be allowed on protected land. | Archive


The mechanism for the zoning of holiday rentals has become monumentally complex, and the latest aspect of this is that the Council of Majorca - responsible for the zoning - says it might be possible under certain circumstances to permit new holiday rentals on protected "rustic" land.

The government's legislation that was passed in the summer did not envisage new licences for rentals on this type of land. However, the door was left open to possible amendment according to island councils' plans for intervention in touristic areas (PIAT). The Council of Majorca is therefore contemplating a modification because of requests from mayors and property owners in the Tramuntana.

If there is such a modification, it will only apply to certain properties. These would typically be old properties on estates (the "possessions").

The general outline of the zoning is due to be made public next month. As well as Majorca having been divided into nine geographical zones, there is a further set of six zoning criteria. These are for coastal areas deemed to be "saturated" or not; interior areas that are saturated or unsaturated; and common "rustic" land or protected land.

According to the tourism ministry, seven per cent of holiday rental accommodation - both legal and illegal - is on protected land.