If tourists stay in non-hotel accommodation, they spend more. | Teresa Ayuga


The Aptur holiday rentals association has responded positively to the Egatur tourist spending statistics that were published earlier this week and which showed that tourists staying in holiday rental accommodation spend more than tourists staying in hotels. The difference, according to national figures for 2017, was 23.6%: 1,295 average spend per tourist in non-hotel accommodation and 1,047 euros in hotels.

The Frontur survey of foreign tourist arrivals showed a 20% increase in the number of visitors staying in holiday rentals (non-hotel accommodation). Because of the findings of the two surveys, Aptur believes that going against these trends will harm the Balearics as a tourist destination. It is therefore asking once more for holiday rentals zoning and island council PIATs (plans for intervention in tourism areas) to be in line with new tourist demands. Zoning proposed for Majorca, says Aptur, should allow an increase in the number of places for rental, not with the aim of increasing the number of visitors but with the objective of "regularising" the existing supply.