Alcudia really doesn't want to have to authorise licences. | Archive


At the next council meeting, Alcudia town hall will approve a one-year suspension of the granting of licences for social clubs at which certain drugs can be legally consumed, most obviously cannabis.

There are at present no authorisations for such clubs in Alcudia, but the town hall anticipates that there will be applications. It is therefore taking a pre-emptive measure against something considered to be "incompatible" with the tourism model the town hall wishes to promote.

It isn't legally possible, however, for the town hall to totally deny permits. The suspension is so that there can be specific regulations regarding such establishments, including their locations. They would not be allowed near schools, for example.

Joaquín Cantalapiedra, the councillor for urban planning, says that the town hall will look at experiences with these clubs in other places. Once a full study has been conducted, a lifting of the suspension will be considered. Cantalapiedra adds that in recent years there have been "negative activities" which have clashed with the tourism model. The latest one is the cannabis club.