The capacity at Mega Park will be slashed. | Archive


Palma town hall has ordered the partial cessation of activity at Mega Park in Arenal on the grounds that it lacks the appropriate licence and has placed a limit on capacity of 2,528 people.

A meeting of the urban planning board yesterday agreed to the closure of half of the club. The owners of Mega Park, the Cursach Group, are obliged to restore changes made and to return to the conditions of two original licences - one for the cafeteria in 2005 and the other for the entertainment in 2006.

Councillor for urban planning, José Hila, says that there must be conformance with the legal licence and that there is no appeal against the decision. There is, however, a period of fifteen days during which submissions can be made against an order for the dismantling of illegal work at the club, which must be carried out within two months.

Hila explains that the town hall is following the line it did with two other Cursach establishments - Pacha and Tito's - in closing part that is not licensed. "Mega Park has two separate licences that were unified without permission, so we are asking them to return to the originals." Only part of the ground floor and the whole of the basement will remain open. Activity on the outdoor terraces has been suspended, and the retractable roof must stay open.

Referring to protests by employees concerned about job losses, Hila stressed his respect for workers' rights but insisted that Mega Park is "a matter of legality and planning permission".