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Calvia police put a stop to a pub crawl in Magalluf earlier this week. It was for ninety British tourists and involved two particular establishments along Punta Ballena.

Municipal regulations stipulate that the maximum number of participants is twenty and that pub crawls can take place between 8pm and midnight. The licence for the activity, the advertising being used and the route to be taken are all subject to prior clearance by the town hall.

The two bars either didn't have the necessary licence or breached conditions of a licence. They have been fined 3,000 and 1,500 euros. The guides, of Irish nationality, did not display the required accreditation, for which they have been fined 750 euros.

The pub crawl was for clients who had purchased tickets for ten euros each. Advertising referred to free shots all night, drinking games and showers of champagne. The town hall's bylaws expressly prohibit publicity that incites drinking or activities which could violate public order. Guides have to wear identification vests, have an employment contract and be accompanied by an accredited security guard. In addition, there has to be civil liability insurance and guides must have first-aid training.

Bars which host pub crawls need to have a risk-avoidance plan and special control over capacity.


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susan / Hace over 2 years

British young trash , I'm British and I hate it as all people think about these days is how much drink and drugs they can get in to there sad bodies how embarrassing for thevdecent among us and they seem few and far.


James Bremner / Hace over 3 years

As long as the riff Raff stay in Magaluf and Arenial what's the problem the rest of the island can gget along with its thing. What you all must understand is tthat the airport requires a large through flow of bodies to keep our flight costs down and availability up. Move over to quality tourism and the large numbers that keep the airport and airlines happy fall.And we are all losers.


Tim / Hace over 3 years

Stop the pub crawls, ban the British drunks and lets return Magaluf to the ghost town it was 50 years ago, we don't need tourists on this island!


J / Hace over 3 years

Ban organised pub crawls altogether. They are just an excuse for people to make money out of encouraging 'brits' to get drunk. Young 'brits' need no encouragement. They just need to be scraped off the pavement, locked up and stuck on the next flight back to the UK. I am British and I love Mallorca. I am privileged to come here for holidays to enjoy the food, the climate, the history and the hospitality. My embarrassment at the antics of some of my countryfolk is tempered only by my disgust at the local 'Shag-a-luf' businesses who see them as no more than cash cow idiots and who are happy to see the local streets awash with drunkenness to make a fast buck.


john / Hace over 3 years

Scum. Ban the pub crawls and ban every activity that attracts this low life . Mallorca surely does not need this sort of tourist any more? Mallorca deserves to do what it can to raise the standards of tourism and the tourists that come here. let this rubbish go to Turkey.


Luvmallorca / Hace over 3 years

So pleased to see that the authorities are doing as they said they would.


The Happy Doctor / Hace over 3 years

What a couple of moaners. This article isn’t about Africans; it’s about groups of yobs that Mallorca can well do without. Well done to the authorities.


Blackadder / Hace over 3 years

Meanwhile the African mugging ladies of the night continue their activities with impunity...


Carol Wright / Hace over 3 years

Now can you stop the Nigerian muggers please!!!!


Henri / Hace over 3 years

Agencia Tributaria should be doing checks in the Bars and Clubs in the early hours of the morning ie. 01.00am. They continually check the restaurants in the daytime, but restaurants are not the culprits.

Staff on Punta Ballena in the bars, clubs and Lap Dancing clubs are mainly on 10 hour contracts and are told that they have to pay €200 back per month if they want a 40 hour contract. They are paid in cash only.