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Calvia police put a stop to a pub crawl in Magalluf earlier this week. It was for ninety British tourists and involved two particular establishments along Punta Ballena.

Municipal regulations stipulate that the maximum number of participants is twenty and that pub crawls can take place between 8pm and midnight. The licence for the activity, the advertising being used and the route to be taken are all subject to prior clearance by the town hall.

The two bars either didn't have the necessary licence or breached conditions of a licence. They have been fined 3,000 and 1,500 euros. The guides, of Irish nationality, did not display the required accreditation, for which they have been fined 750 euros.

The pub crawl was for clients who had purchased tickets for ten euros each. Advertising referred to free shots all night, drinking games and showers of champagne. The town hall's bylaws expressly prohibit publicity that incites drinking or activities which could violate public order. Guides have to wear identification vests, have an employment contract and be accompanied by an accredited security guard. In addition, there has to be civil liability insurance and guides must have first-aid training.

Bars which host pub crawls need to have a risk-avoidance plan and special control over capacity.