Anais Marco Batalla at the court in Manacor. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Anais Marco Batalla, the 28-year-old driver who was responsible for the accident on 5 April which resulted in the death of German cyclist Christoph Bohnen, can leave prison if bail of 10,000 euros is paid.

She appeared in court in Manacor on Wednesday and exercised her right not to make a statement. Her lawyer applied for bail, and the court agreed to this. Conditions of the bail will be the withdrawal of her passport, a ban on leaving Spain and the need to report to the court on the first and fifteenth of each month. In addition, she will not be allowed to drive a vehicle or ride a motorcycle.

It is meanwhile understood that the results of analyses carried out at the Guardia Civil's laboratory on the mainland have been sent to the court. It is said they indicate a high concentration of cannabis. Anais Marco has admitted to having smoked cannabis on the night before the accident, which occurred around half nine in the morning.