05-05-2018Pere Bota

Megasport, the Cursach Group gym complex in Palma, will reopen once work is done to comply with town hall demands and is approved.

The gym closed on Friday night. The management said it was impossible to remain open because a town hall order for partial closure meant that changing rooms and showers could not be used. Eighty per cent of the complex was otherwise unaffected by the order, which was made because of breach of licences.

Employees, some 200 of them, are now out of work, but the company says that it hopes to be able to re-hire them. The gym's membership is around 9,000.

The manager, Salva Miró, has indicated that it may be possible to reopen the gym by October, and when it does reopen it will have been renovated and will have state-of-the-art technologies.

The company has been particularly critical of not having been able to hold meetings with either the mayor, Antoni Noguera, or the deputy mayor for urban planning, José Hila. Discussions have instead been with town hall technical staff.

Employees and members have raised a petition against the closure, and today there is to be a further protest in support of Bartolomé Cursach, who was released from prison two weeks ago on bail of one million euros.


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GEOFFREY / Hace over 3 years

So the victims in this are the members who are still paying their direct debits.

This is how everything is done here. The authorities look for something incorrect in the building and then you have to wait months to prove otherwise. It is not just Cursachs business, this happens to the regular business owners in Spain all the time. Denuncias from rival business owners can easily shut their competition down and destroy it.

It is like the Wild West at times operating legitimate businesses here in Mallorca.