Strange the things people leave out with the rubbish.


Inca police are currently in possession of a coffin. This unusual necessity arose when the coffin was found on Sunday morning next to rubbish containers on the industrial estate. These containers weren't in fact that far from either the police station or the municipal cemetery.

The police have no idea who left the coffin there, and it wasn't as if it was just the coffin. Fortunately, there was no body inside it, but there were various objects - a Santa Claus hat, electricity cables, wiring and a number of light bulbs. They looked as if they had been chucked out of a storeroom.

The resident who came across the coffin posted an image on social media. This provoked any amount of comment, which ranged from hilarity to disbelief and outrage against a lack of control to prevent anti-social behaviour. It was once the image was posted that the town hall and police got to know about the coffin. The municipal agency was sent to remove it, and the police are now having to look after it.