Doctors José Maria Muñoz and Antoni Bennassar are heading up the new facility. | C.R.


Clínica Rotger introduces a new Hair Transplant Unit with the most advanced techniques and guarantees offered by a hospital environment. Coordinated by the Clínica Rotger Dermatology Service, the new service applies FUE technique to the extraction of follicular units from the back of the head and to their implantation where they are needed. It is the most effective system for restoring hair loss.

Currently, hair auto-transplant is the best and most advanced solution for both men and women.

However, it is a complex procedure that requires a joint effort.

Dermatologists specialising in trichology (hair) perform a thorough medical evaluation, as does the hair surgeon in order to advise patients on the best treatment strategy.

FUE technique, the most advanced procedure and with the best results for hair transplants.For patients who are recommended to have a hair transplant, Clínica Rotger has surgeons and specialists who are expert in the FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique, currently the most advanced capillary implant procedure that exists.

It is a microsurgery technique and is effective for all types of hair.

The procedure consists of the extraction of follicular units from the back or side of the scalp. Implantation requires the skill and experience of a specialist surgeon who must determine the orientation, depth, angle and distance of each graft in order to ensure a natural result and the desired hair density.

FUE is used to intervene in large areas or for the repopulation of incipient entrances, eyebrows, etc. Being a minimally invasive technique, scars are avoided and it is a safe technique for the patient. The procedure, which can last between five and eight hours, is done under sedation combined with local anaesthetic for the donor and receiving areas. Patient recovery is immediate; patients can return to normal life in a few days.

The complex capillary implant operation is performed in an outpatient operating theatre.

This is specially equipped for these techniques, which currently allow excellent results in the repopulation of specific areas of the scalp.

At Clínica Rotger, the team of dermatologists specialising in hair diseases (trichologists) coordinates the entire procedure from initial evaluation to post-surgery review and until the conclusion of the whole process. This is a guarantee that allows you to choose the best treatment option and its supervision at all stages. Patients have access to a ll the benefits of the procedure being performed in a hospital environment. This means that everything is available in case any setback is detected and that there is the experience of Clínica Rotger specialists and its solvency.