A memorable visit to Majorca

One of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Europe is Majorca. It is located close to the Mediterranean sea. The weather is friendly nearly all year round. Little wonder many tourists visit this beautiful island. Majorca (or Mallorca) is situated at the south east of Spain. It is also the largest Balearic island. There are many family friendly hotels in Majorca which makes accommodation not to be a concern. Taxis from the airport cover all parts of the island. Some areas might be difficult to access except by motorcycle rental or moped hire. However, scooter rental in Mallorca is easy and affordable. You can rent at the beaches or in the city. It is ideal to ride the coastline with a motorcycle hire service. This gives both freedom and ease to discover natural and man-made attractions.

For a unique experience

The hotspot of Majorca is the Palma de Majorca. Nearly half of the population in this beautiful island live here. The streets of the Palma have some of the most exciting nightlife events, shops, as well as exquisite restaurants. A beautiful Gothic cathedral standing majestically in the island also serve as a tourist attraction. From the city center, you can easily access breathtaking courtyards, royal palaces, and historic museums within a walking distance.

The attractions of Majorca

Challenging adventure sports. There are every day sports like paint balling, golf, and go-karting available. More physically demanding activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, and coasteering will add extra adrenaline to those who are up for a lot of challenges. Furthermore, terrains exclusively for cyclists are along the coastal areas. The beautiful weather makes it possible to ride in Majorca many months each year.

Amazing beaches. One of the attractions that draw visitors to Majorca is, undoubtedly, the beaches. They are excellent spots for relaxation and sunbathing. Resort centers are also attached to many of these beaches. Some of the best places are Port de Pollenca, Playa de Palma, Cala Millor, Magaluf, and Port d’Alcudia. Enjoying the waters. Boats can be rented for different durations. There are boats for a day, half a day, or a longer time frame. The boats also come in different sizes. There are catamarans, motor boats, or simply small and large ones. Each boat offers a unique service. Part of the services to expect on a day boat trip include visiting a few beaches, going for a swim and, finally, lunch. At evenings, a sunset view is also inclusive. Some tourists prefer hiring speed boats. For larger groups and families, they usually go for yachts which can be rented right at the beach. The yacht has more space and provides a whole lot of things to do.

The history of Majorca. The stories of life in ancient Majorca can be seen in the historic and preserved sites. Old castles still stand, although, many in their ruined states. Some ancient castles have been transformed to amazing hotels. Nevertheless, two ancient castles remain in their original form. They are the Bellver and the Capdepera castles. The beautiful garden of the Royal Palace of La Almudaina remains open to visitors most part of the year.


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