The court of instruction in Palma overseeing the so-called "caso Cursach" requested the Guardia Civil to check files related to the Cursach Group's Megasport gym in Palma. The investigation has revealed that some thirty people were allegedly given free access to the gym complex. Thirteen of them were Palma police officers, while two of them were former politicians - the one-time national government delegate in the Balearics, Ramón Socias, and the ex-mayor of Calvia, Margarita Nájera.

Among the documents that the Guardia have been examining is said to be one about Socias for which there is a note saying that he had phoned because his VIP accreditation had lapsed. He asked to speak to Tolo Sbert, the number two to Bartolomé Cursach, in order to renew it.

Socias was apparently a member for a number of years. He was listed as having paid by bank debit, but no account was noted down. Where Nájera was concerned, the investigators claim that her two children also had free access to the gym.

As well as politicians and local police, the investigators have found that there were free passes for public officials and officers from both the Guardia Civil and the National Police.