Balearic education ministry figures show a highly positive trend in pupil passes in English. In primary schools at certain levels, passes in English for the 2017-2018 school year were higher than in either Catalan or Castellano. For the three languages as a whole, there was a pass rate of just over 90%.

For secondary education, the passes in English were also above Catalan and Castellano in later years of schooling. Antoni Morante, the director-general of school planning and organisation, says that there was an English pass rate of 90% or more for the second consecutive in primary schools. At secondary schools, the average was 86.3% compared with 85.5% and 85.6% for Catalan and Castellano respectively.

Morante attributes these figures to specific measures applied by the education ministry, such as improved teacher training and English learning methodologies. He stresses that the pass rates in English are just that - pass rates. They do not imply that pupils have better language skills than in Catalan or Castellano.