Not a sunlounger to be seen in Arenal. | Pere Bota


The part of Arenal beach which is in Llucmajor is currently without sunloungers, parasols and pedaloes. The concession for the service has still to be given the necessary authorisation by the Costas Authority.

Costas' regulations mean that there has to be periodic reapplication for beach concessions. In Arenal, the renewal is for this year. A company has been operating the service since 1969, and it presented its request to the Costas in January. The request would have gone in earlier, but Llucmajor town hall had been debating the future of the concession.

As things have turned out, the application has been held up mainly, or so it seems, because the Costas delegation in the Balearics has been waiting for a new director to be appointed; one now has been.

Meanwhile, the beach is lacking 200 sunlounger sets and the pedaloes. The town hall is expressing its concern but stresses that it is "a mere spectator". It has contacted the Costas and asked for the situation to be sorted out as soon as possible.