The storms have returned to the south and west of the island.

13-09-2019M. À. Cañellas

Majorca was on red weather alert for most of the island this morning after heavy rains fell overnight with more being forecast.

The area most at risk, according to the Met Office, was the western side of the island including Soller, Andratx and Palma in the south.

Heavy rains are normal at this time of the year which effectively mark the end of the summer.

Despite the rain, Majorca contiunues to be on drought alert.


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Simon / Hace over 2 years

We are saddened to see the appalling weather in our favourite island of Mallorca. We wish all our friends in and around Soller all the best and just hope you are all safe. We have had to cancel two holidays this year due to Karen’s health so we’re missing you all. Hopefully, we will be coming in early October all being well, let’s hope for better weather! Good luck to you all.


Yogi / Hace over 2 years

Well Stan, perhaps not as well prepared as the Brits are for a dusting of snow bringing the motorways to a halt or leaves on the line completely poleaxing the railways!


Stan / Hace over 2 years

Are Mallorca prepared for the Annual temperature drop and torrential rain? Probably not until the next Century.