The sister of Said Hourmati whose brother has now been missing for months. | ALEJANDRO SEPULVEDA


Police searching for a Moroccan man who was last seen in Pere Garau on June 15 when his boss dropped him off, have found a bag of bones on the road to Cap Blanc. The contents have been taken to a laboratory to be analysed and determine whether the remains are human.

The mayor of Llucmajor joined Security Service officers and the Guardia Civil for yesterday’s search with a sniffer dog which lasted for 5 hours.

Agents of the National Police, the Civil Guard, Local Police, Firefighters and Civil Protection volunteers searched for hours for Said Hourmati after he was reported missing and homicide detectives are still trying to determine whether the missing man was in Llucmajor or Algaida on the afternoon he disappeared.

Officers have spoken to a married woman from Part Forana who was reportedly in a relationship with Said Hourmati and questioned her husband, who allegedly threatened to kill Said Hourmati after she gave the missing 32 year old a car.

Police have also taken statements from numerous witnesses.