The Salvem Camp Redó Neighbourhood Platform denounces the council's neglect. | Salvem Camp redó


The Salvem Camp Redó Neighborhood Platform is furious that improvement works in the neighbourhood were abandoned almost a year ago because of budget cuts.

The project included renovating pavements, improving lighting and reforming a site where a building had been demolished.

The Councillor for Infrastructure, Angelica Pastor, met with neighbourhood representatives last Friday and has issued a statement saying the original project has been cancelled but promising the work will be done.

“The work was abandoned 8 months ago without explanation and the pavements have been left with holes for installing the cables; we just want the work to be done,” said members of the Salvem Camp Redó Neighborhood Platform.

The group also claimed that social housing in ​​Camp Redó "is submerged in the highest level of degradation" and accused Mayor, José Hila, of “making an effort during campaigning in Camp Redó, but forgetting all about it as soon as he’s back in office.”