There have been regular issues with contamination at two Palma beaches. | Archive


The Emaya municipal services agency in Palma is investing 22.6 million euros in a new water-treatment plant retention tank and a new sump for sewage and rain water. These are designed to prevent spills of contaminated water when there is heavy rain.

Work on these started earlier this month and will last 20 months. Visiting the work on Friday, Mayor Hila said that it will prevent 90% of contamination that has been affecting the Can Pere Antoni and Ciutat Jardí beaches. The mayor was accompanied by President Armengol and the regional environment minister, Miquel Mir, who observed that the work will provide a solution to a longstanding problem. He thanked the town hall for having given priority to investment in this infrastructure.

Armengol said that the investment isn't visible but that it is "absolutely necessary for the citizens and for a city like Palma, a tourist destination which has many needs in order to make it world class".

José Hila added that a definitive solution regarding a new treatment plant is in the hands of the national ministry for energy transition. "Madrid will be taking steps, and we will be monitoring them so that it becomes real." Mir noted that "this is a treatment plant that is in the general interest, and the ministry has to seek the means of investment".