Terraces in Santa Catalina, Palma. Archive photo. | Ultima Hora


The Association for the Revitalisation of Old Centres of Palma, or ARCA, and Neighborhood Associations of Santa Catalina and sa Llotja are calling for awnings to be removed from bars, which they say “should never have been allowed because they have an undesirable effect on the city.”

The group stated in a press release that they’re not against the existence of terraces, but warned that they can have a negative effect because “their excessive occupation hinders free passage and causes inconvenience.”

They also claim that they have a bad influence on the urban landscape, especially screens with posters, railings and awnings.

“A canopy does not improve the landscape of the city, on the contrary, it misrepresents and invades it,” they insisted.

The group pointed out that “the ban was announced nearly 5 and a half years ago and bars were given 18 months to remove their awnings, but it seems that they just intend to keep extending the permit for months.”

“With all due respect, that fact that the Council extended the deadline to remove the awnings seems like a tease to the entities that have participated and invested time in discussing a regulation that has been excessively disrespected,” they added.

The group is demanding that “the established deadline for the removal of the awnings be respected” and that once they’ve been taken down, parasols and screens also be removed because, “they have a worse effect than the awnings.