Plaça des Mercat has been pedestrianised. | T. Ayuga


Pimem Restauración and Palma City Council have announced plans to address issues that have arisen in connection with the new terrace ordinance at a round table meeting to "resolve and explain" any "doubts that may arise" and address the problems of restaurateurs.

Pimem and Pimem Restauración have also made it clear they support the commercial closure proposed by the Employers' Federation of Commerce of the Balearic Islands, or Afedeco and the Association of small and medium-sized businesses in Mallorca, or Pimeco to protest against the changes in mobility promoted by the City Council.


Pimem Restauración spokesperson, José Pedro Monserrat says
"the round table discussion will give restaurateurs the chance to talk to Palma City Council,” and he hopes that they will be able to "show them where the ordinance fails.”

On Friday morning, Pimem Restauración met with City Council officials to present the demands of the restaurateurs.

"We are concerned about the criteria for implementing the ordinance and we believe that the dialogue between the City Council and business owners needs to be more fluid,” said Pimem.

One proposal is an amendment to the sanctioning system for non-compliance with the municipal ordinance, to warn the City Council and the employer "at the same time” about any errors detected.

"We must clearly explain the reason for the warning and allow a reasonable period for remediation before imposing the relevant sanctions," said Pimem Restauración.

The roundtable will also cover a number of other topics, including future pedestrianisation, an increase in the garbage collection rate, changes to public transport lines and the cruise policy.

Support For Commercial Closures

Pimem and its restaurant section have expressed their unwavering support for the commercial closure promoted by Afedeco and Pimeco through Cort's mobility policy.

Pimem has called for the opinion of business owners to be taken into account in relation to projects such as pedestrianisation zones in Palma.

"Understanding that pedestrianisation of city centres is a necessary fact in order to combat climate change and improve the humanisation of cities. It is undeniable that the current plan being implemented by Palma City Council is directly or indirectly responsible for the closure of establishments in the centre of the city and causing difficulties for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs," they said.

Next Thursday, February 27, members of Pimem and Restauración will join the protest and close for one hour as a token of support.