Testing for coronavirus in Minorca.


In Minorca, 43 days had passed without any new cases of coronavirus. At the end of last week, two new cases were confirmed - a Minorcan couple with mild symptoms who had flown from Bolivia via Madrid.

A second couple have also tested positive. They had travelled from the US and taken the ferry to Minorca from Barcelona. The man started having symptoms on Sunday and contacted the 061 health service number. The couple were tested and found to be positive, although the woman is asymptomatic.

They had in fact arrived back in Minorca on Tuesday last week. The health service in Minorca says that although they didn't have symptoms when they arrived on the island, they decided to self-isolate anyway and had not left their apartment. On the ferry from Barcelona, they had spent the night in their cabin.

As with the other couple, they are being monitored by a primary care team at home.