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The 16th Adecco survey, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ found that 24.1% of girls in the Balearic Islands want to be doctors and 23.4% of boys dream of being footballers.

250 children from the Balearics took part in the survey which found that 23% of boys want to be a Doctor, 14.5% want to be a Police Officer and 13.2% would rather be a teacher.

The growth in social media networks has resulted in 6.3% of boys wanting to be a “YouTuber".

5.6% want to be engineers, 4 in every 100 say they want to work in computer science, 3.3% would like to be a veterinarian and 1.5% say they want to be a firefighter.

Journalism took 9th place this year with 2.9% of children in the Balearic Islands saying that’s the Sector they’re interested in.

24% of girls are interested in Medicine, followed by 19.7% who want to teach and 13% who would like to be a hairdresser.

10.9% of the participants surveyed said they want to be veterinarians, seven out of a hundred want to be footballers, 6.8% want to be nurses, and 5.4% would like to be singers.

4.2% of girls would like to be a Police Officer, 3.8% want to be actresses and 3.1% want to be Engineers.

45.7% of all Balearic girls surveyed chose careers where they would be helping others, 29.3% were motivated to make money and 17.9% just want to do something they enjoy.

18.3% of boys in the Balearic Islands chose tennis player Rafa Nadal as their ideal boss, 17.2% chose footballer Leo Messi and 13.5% opted for Fernando Simón, Director of the Coordination Center of Health Alerts & Emergencies.

17.9% of Balearic girls said they would like the Catalan singer Rosalía to be their boss, 15.2% chose Rafa Nadal and 11.5% wanted Fernando Simón.

18.4% of Balearic children surveyed said the Central Government should carry out more coronavirus screening tests to prevent a resurgence of the virus and 17.2% said everyone must wear face masks.

14.3% said the working conditions of Healthcare Personnel must be improved, 9.2% said more trust should be placed in the team of experts and 6.8% want the Government to make sure the State of Emergency is not reinstated in Spain.

61% of Balearic boys and girls said they would rather go back to school than stay at home next year and one in ten were undecided.