Hostal Corona for sale. | Ultima Hora


Hostal Corona in the El Terreno neighbourhood of Palma is closing its doors after 30 years. It’s one of the most emblematic establishments in the city and highly popular with tourists and locals.

It was built by the Architect, Gaspar Bennazar, dates back to 1910 and used to be the summer home of one of the most influential families in Palma.

In 1952 it was converted into a hostel and in 1987 it was bought by Tòfol Navarro who completely renovated the building, turning it into the beautiful oasis it is today.

The casual atmosphere, great food and friendly service at Hostal Corona has made it a firm favourite with residents, tourists, politicians and artists and before the coronavirus pandemic the terraces were packed with diners every night of the week.

The 500 metre property has 14 bedrooms, high ceilings, original hydraulic tiles and is chock full of incredible antique furniture and original features.

It’s on sale for just over 4 million euros.