Reyes Maroto, Spain's tourism minister, was in Majorca on Monday. | Miquel À. Cañellas


The national minister of tourism, Reyes Maroto, says that the Spanish government will seek to change the current situation with German tourism. "The decision to advise against travel, especially to Majorca, is something which concerns us because of the impact this has on the island's tourism and economic activity."

Maroto, who was in Majorca on Monday, said that it will be essential to re-establish safe health corridors in order to reactivate tourism activity with all the necessary health safety measures. "We believe that it is feasible to reactivate part of the remaining season. We are committed to these corridors."

The minister acknowledged that the UK and German government decisions had made the situation "very difficult", but argued that there is no choice other than for the economic and tourist situation "to coexist with Covid-19 until a vaccine appears".

She gave a very positive assessment of the pilot plan between Majorca and Germany in June. "The work carried out by the national and regional governments and the hotel sector was essential and was very positive. This led to the opening of borders so that foreign tourism could return to Spanish destinations. The business effort paid off; hence, thousands of workers were able to come off ERTE."

Once the current epidemiological situation is normalised, Maroto explained that the objective will be to "recover the remainder of the tourism season". "The financial viability of companies is at stake, and the government is well aware of this; hence, all the efforts being made to turn the situation around."