Roberto Sendoya Escobar.


Majorcan resident Roberto Sendoya Escobar has hit back at allegations by friends that his claims to be Pablo Escobar’s son in a new bestselling book entitled Son of Escobar: First Born are all made up. Roberto issued this exclusive statement to the Majorca Daily Bulletin: “These people are not my friends ... they are disgruntled people with some kind of axe to grind."

“This book is the kind of book that will always polarise opinions around the world. Once someone has actually read the book thoroughly, then they are entitled to an opinion. I can live with that. Good or bad. Freedom of speech is something we are all entitled to in a civilised society. I bear no grudge or ill feelings towards anyone.

"And finally, I have signed a contract that diverts a significant proportion of the book's revenue to charity. The more people who buy the book, the more money will end up in the hands of charities which care for children who, through no fault of their own, have become victims, suffering terribly from the disadvantages life has visited upon them."

His publisher stated: “We are aware of a recent article run in the i newspaper and the speculations that article contained, put forward by parties who may or may not have known the author and his late father Pat Witcomb*. We were already aware of three Amazon “reviews” of the book which contained these very same speculations. It seems that these three reviews have formed the basis of this article. We have spoken to the author, who happily stands by his book, the account of his early life given to him by his late father on which it is based, and the supporting documents and photographs provided to us, some of which are published. It seems to us that as no actual evidence beyond 'he said/they said' comments have been put forward, we do not see any need for further action or comment at this time and are happy to continue with the publication of the author’s book, and wish him continued success.”

* Patrick Witcomb was his adoptive father.