L'Art de Menjar' Campaign, Balearic Islands. | CAIB


The Ministry of Energy Transition & Productive Sectors has launched a campaign called 'L'art de Menjar' to promote traditional bakery and pastry products at different festivals in the Balearic Islands.

Vice President Juan Pedro Yllanes presented the initiative on Wednesday to coincide with 'Bread Week' with the aim of encouraging people to buy traditional hand-made products.

Pep Magraner, Bakers & Confectioners Association Manager and Author of the campaign, photographer Josep Taltavull and several others attended the presentation at the Kiosk in Plaza del Olivar in Palma.

"This Sector needs the support of Institutions and residents to move forward,” said Yllanes who explained that selling traditional products at festivals is an important source of income.

"People must know how to differentiate between artisanal products and factory-made confectionery because the quality and raw materials are not processed in the same way, said Minister Magraner.

The campaign highlights the art of food with a series of still-life photographs by Josep Taltavaull, which show the products that are traditionally consumed on the different islands during each festival, so that the public can learn about the origin of the confectionery.

Different products will be promoted at the time they are usually eaten, such as fried donuts, buns and rosaries for the Festival of the Virgins on October 21 and All Saints on November 1.

At Christmas time, nougat cake will be promoted in Mallorca, bitters and nougat in Minorca, and Christmas cake with sauce in Ibiza and Formentera.

There will also be campaigns to promote traditional food at Easter.

Lectures and educational classes are planned at cookery and pastry schools to train future professionals in the Sector.

Activities are being organised at Secondary Education Centres to promote traditional products from the Islands, advise students about possible job opportunities in the Sector and preserve artisanal skills for the future.