National Police control during the lockdown in Mallorca. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The government delegation in the Balearics has so far sent out just over 3,600 fines for breaches of measures during the state of alarm. Of these, 850 have been paid; some were paid promptly in order to benefit from the discount for prompt payment. In all, 20,000 sanctions are under consideration.

The 24% rate of payment for the 3,600 fines issued is lower in Majorca - just under 20%. Of the 3,600 fines, 2,500 relate to Mallorca; 478 have been paid.

There are some 250 appeals against fines, most of these appeals pending a response from the delegation.

Most of the sanctions from March to June were based on the law of citizen safety, commonly referred to as the gag law. This allows for fines of between 600 and 3,000 euros for disobedience. Fines were issued for being out without having justified reasons and for failure to respond to police orders. A further reason for fines was for more than one person in a vehicle.

A much smaller group of infractions ended in arrest. The prosecution service is demanding prison sentences for a dozen of the most serious offenders. These were repeat offenders and also those who, in certain instances, attacked police officers.