Arca says there's no excuse for not having cleaned the graffiti. | Arca


The Arca heritage association has criticised Palma town hall for having spent two and a half years without removing graffiti from the Baluard del Príncep. The town hall, in Arca's view, "has no excuse" for not having done so.

On Thursday, the association said that the area around Plaça de la Porta del Camp is "vandalism territory". It is a place for drinking and for graffiti. One item of graffiti attracts another.

Various administrations, Arca states, have invested a great deal of public money in rehabilitating a "unique" place, but "not a euro has been invested in surveillance or removing paint".

The Council of Majorca, the association stresses, has the technicians, the skills and the decision-making capacity to clean historical sites. Arca is now forwarding its latest complaint to the Council and the Balearic government as well as to Palma town hall so that they can all "assume their responsibilities and act now". "The people of Palma have the right to enjoy an urban landscape that is free of graffiti."