Balearic parliament

Balearic parliament on Tuesday.


President Armengol told parliament on Tuesday that she was "convinced" that there will soon be the possibility of requiring negative PCR tests for all domestic flights.

The president once more stressed the need for travellers coming to the Balearics from the rest of Spain to present a negative PCR test in the same way as foreign travellers are required to. This would be "the best option" for health security in the Balearics.

Armengol added that the government was not ruling out the possibility of tests for Spanish travellers once they arrive at hotels, but she explained that this wouldn't be that effective, given that the majority of Spanish visitors do not stay in tourist establishments.

She appealed to residents of the Balearics returning to the islands for the Constitution holiday to take advantage of the free PCR tests that the regional government is offering after they arrive.


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Rich / Hace about 1 year

Surely just use drones to shadow them?


Lisa / Hace about 1 year

If the policy is to be based on scientific evidence then all travellers need to be treated in the same way.


David / Hace about 1 year

Common sense at last? but will the national government allow it...