Domestic travellers arriving in the Balearics will need to have a negative PCR test. | Gemma Andreu


From Sunday, passengers arriving at Balearic ports and airports from other regions of Spain will be subject to the same health control as passengers from other countries - they will need to present a negative PCR test. If they are coming from a region with under 150 cumulative cases per 100,000, they will be exempt from needing the test.

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The government, in cooperation with the Red Cross, has taken on 215 people to help with this control. On Sunday, sixty flights and eight ships are expected from different regions.

For residents of the Balearics returning to the islands, tests are free, with the government recommending that they have tests before arriving in the Balearics. There are 216 centres where residents can get free tests in different parts of Spain. The other options for residents are an antigen test on arrival at ports or airports, a PCR test within 48 hours of arrival or ten-day quarantine.