Mattias Rosenlund: owner and director of Fastighetsbyrån Palma de Mallorca. | Humphrey Carter


Mattias Rosenlund has just taken over as the owner of the Fastighetsbyrån Palma de Mallorca franchise - a new office for Sweden’s largest real estate company which employs over 1,900 top professionals from Sweden to mainland Spain, the Canary Islands, Portugal and now Mallorca.

Mattias has been involved in real estate for the past 21 years and, unlike in most other countries, in Sweden one has to qualify by studying at university to work in the sector which is also tightly regulated by a special government department.

Only 5,000 qualified professionals work in the industry in Sweden, therefore, by being the largest real estate company in the country, Fastighetsbyrån also has a reputation to match and that is what Mattias intends to replicate here in Mallorca.

Mattias and his family have been regular visitors to Mallorca.

“The Swedish having been coming to Mallorca since the late 50s. They love the island and have either tended to live in or near Palma for its restaurants, shops and transport or headed for the coast to be near to the sea.

“If we look at the market today, which as far as we are concerned has and is holding up well in Mallorca compared to the rest of Spain, we are working with a lot more younger clients. Families and professionals who are either considering a permanent move to the island or a holiday home. Mallorca is very attractive to the Swedish market for a number of reasons.

“Firstly the island is safe, which is very important. Secondly, it’s a dream destination for people both young and old who want to stay active and get away from the cold, dark winter months. We need our vitamin D... the island has it all, the sea, the beaches, secret coves, the mountains and the vineyards in the heartland. Then, we have the Swedish school plus a varied option of excellent educational facilities, very good health care, sound infrastructure and all just three to hours flight from Sweden and now, potential purchasers and investors have Fastighetsbyrån to take care of them and guide them through every step of the way.

“What is also important is that Mallorca offers superb value for money compared to the mainland and a far superior quality of property.

“For example in the final crash in 2008, on the mainland, second home owners lost up 60 percent of their investment, in Mallorca it was very little and we’ve seen prices fall by just 5% on the back of Covid, so Mallorca is a very sound long term investment destination with Palma always proving popular and now the East coast because of its wonderful coastline.

“And, properties are still moving and interest remains high. Clients may not be able to come here, or would rather wait, so we are providing digital showings of our properties on line and it is proving very successful. We have been the first real estate agent to take this new approach on the island and I think it’s going to be very much the future of real estate. People can search and even purchase a property from the comfort of their own home while we also take care of all the paperwork. From making sure the properties have a clean bill of health to resident certificates, banking - we pride ourselves on providing a complete quality service to all of our international clients which is second none.”