There have been complaints from bar owners in Plaza Patines. | Pere Bota


Palma town hall will now allow the increase of bar and restaurant terrace space in pedestrianised zones and in parking areas in squares.

A decree covering this exceptional measure was announced on Wednesday, the councillor for citizen participation, Alberto Jarabo, explaining that the decree is applicable for the duration of the current state of alarm - until May, therefore - but that the increase on pedestrian streets will apply only for as long as the Tier Four restrictions prevent establishments having customers inside their premises.

The increased terraces will need to leave at least 2.5 metres for pedestrians. In the specific case of parking areas in squares, Jarabo cited the example of Plaza de los Patines, where bar owners have been complaining about not being able to increase terrace size.

Around twenty establishments in Palma will benefit from the use of parking areas in squares. A further consideration is that a minimum distance of thirty centimetres will have to be left between the terrace and parked cars. Jarabo noted that where bars have been using parking spaces in streets in front of their premises, "the boundaries of terraces have sometimes been too close to parked vehicles".

The councillor added that there is to now be a ban on the use of the likes of chains, bricks and plastic to mark terrace boundaries. Other material will have to be used which is more aesthetically pleasing and less potentially dangerous, which can be the case with chains.