The neighours want to be able to park again where the terraces are while the bars and restaurants remain closed. | R.L.


Palma City Council will ask bars and restaurants to remove the terraces that occupy parking spaces during the time that the establishments are closed by current health regulations.

The current regulations stipulate that should bars and restaurants not need the extra terrace space for more than three days, then expanded terraces should be removed.

The decision is the result of a local petition to recover the parking spaces for the period during which the establishments will not be able to open.

The council has informed the various hostelry associations so they can instruct their members of the decision.

The council has, however, made it clear that as soon as bars and restaurants are allowed to reopen, the establishments may reoccupy the parking spaces to install the terraces, in accordance with the rules and regulations.

“I understand that the terraces should be removed to solve the parking problems for neighbours, in these times we all have to help each other,” said the Balearics Confederation of Business Association’s hostelry chairman Alfonso Robledo.

“There will be some who have a problems with it because they installed special platforms, but in general there is no problem.”

“We have already received some complaints from residents,” warned the Federation of Neighbourhood Associations President, Joan Forteza. “Not all premises meet the requirements to the same degree and it is best to reduce these areas. There must be a balance between health and the economy.

“With the new restrictions many people will stay at home and they’ll need to park in spaces that are now terraces,” insists Forteza.

“At least during these two weeks they should be re-enabled for parking so that residents can leave their cars in their own neighbourhood.”

“The neighbours have been in solidarity and looking for parking in other streets, but the logical thing is that we should be allowed to park in the terraces for the next two weeks,” argues Jacinto Galindo from the Santa Catalina Neighbourhood Association, who is sympathetic to the hospitality sector and claims “some bars have already returned their parking spaces.”

Terrazas a Raya, which is renowned for denouncing the occasional excesses of establishments on social networks, believes that the car parks should be recovered immediately, “especially in areas where residents don’t have private parking.”

“The government has given many facilities to restaurants and bars and they are allowed to use the parking spaces without cost, without limits and without control,” states Terrazas a Raya.

“Most of the occupied spaces invalidate paid parking spaces, so the city council no longer collects money for them and that is why we insist they be removed while the establishments are closed.

“We need that parking, we demand it for pedestrians,” insists Vianants en Lluita.
“The goal is not to annoy the hospitality sector, but to enjoy the space."