Protest martch in Palma

Protest martch in Palma.

22-01-2021Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Hundreds of people are protesting through the streets of Palma at the moment at the Balearic government´s closure of bars and restaurants across the island. It is a "motorised protest" with demonstrators taking to their vehicles.

Last week 3,000 people joined a similar protest with organisers receiving heavy fines.


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Roger / Hace 9 months

Based on the video I see little evidence of a 'motorised protest'....Unless my eyesight is worse than I thought they are standing and walking next to each other....Firstly, whilst I have sympathy for any business that is suffering and my own business has earned nothing for 12 months now, I would respectfully suggest that the bars and restaurants already know that they will achieve little or nothing and would be better spending time sitting with their colleagues and associates (and advisors were relevant) spending time on developing plans on how to become more competitive in the future. Sadly some of the current product offer is way below standard and many will not or should not survive Covid or no Covid....the future emphasis for all sectors of the economy, particularly tourism, should be on quality not quantity so that we can avoid future 'overtourism' issues, become more differentiated when compared with other Mediterranean (and other foreign) competitors, become more sustainable and therefore, in turn, create a better and more inclusive society for all residents. Without more forward thinking we will all end up with greater debt and when the new norm arrives offer much of the same s**t as previously...and that is not a smart approach.