Restart travel by May.

Restart travel by May.


Scores of leading travel companies have joined forces and are calling on the British government to restart travel by May. They are also telling Britons to book their holidays anyway.

According to The Sun the new campaign called Save Our Summer (SOS) includes big names such as easyJet Holidays and Love Holidays.

Foreign holidays are currently banned due to the British ockdown, with Transport Secretary Grant Shapps previously warning families not to even book a trip abroad right now.

However, the new campaign has urged holidaymakers to ignore the advice and to book a trip anyway, while asking the government to restart trips by May 1.

PC Agency's Paul Charles, and co-founder of the campaign, told The Sun: "Senior government ministers have done a good job of torpedoing recovery in the travel sector and threatening jobs across travel and tourism.

“UK citizens should ignore their conflicting advice and book summer trips with confidence, knowing that they can get a refund or refix their travel dates if booking through a reputable travel provider signed up to SOS.”


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Matthew / Hace 11 months

Staycation for me this year. I’ll look into a foreign holiday next year. There’s no point in risking a foreign holiday for it to have to be cancelled later on and having to jump through all sorts of hoops to try and get my money back.


Rich / Hace 11 months

Is it OK if we ignore Armengol and her 'experts'?


Max / Hace 11 months

Everything was nice on Mallorca except one aspect: too much tourists everywhere. Actually I enjoy this moment...


Repsak / Hace 11 months

I hope the factions that have been demonstrating against tourism for years are happy now and that they and their families are living happier and more prosperous than before.......


James Davis / Hace 11 months

if they really wanted tourism here there wouldn't even be any would be clear.


John / Hace 11 months

What we have here from tour operators is they put these dates for flights, even though the government haven't agreed to safer travel yet. So Mr Joe public books these flights in the slim hope they can travel and enjoy a deserved holiday. It's then obviously cancelled near the optimistic date,and the tour operators keep the money until you can try and receive your refund this year! Then the process starts again with a new imaginary date. The uncertainty in all this,is the customer suffers.


Robert / Hace 12 months

I for one won't be booking a holiday to Mallorca. Last time I was there 2 years ago there was Tourists Go Home graffiti everywhere and a real anti tourist sentiment which also led to poor service in restaurants. I will not forget that im s hurry and will be heading off to Greece where they seem to appreciate my custom much more.


compo / Hace 12 months

In October last year, the Foreign Office were 'banning' travel to Europe from the UK but flights and passengers were operating normally (albeit reduced numbers). The only downside appeared to be the inability to get travel insurance. EJ are now selling flights to Palma for March travel but are asking gov to allow holidays from May. Is there a subtle distinction here? ie flights will be operating and allowed much earlier whilst package holidays will have to wait for permission form the Foreign Office?