Majorca tourism
Palma Mallorca - tourist apartment lets have been banned since 2018


Supreme Court backs Palma ban on tourist apartment lets

The Balearic High Court had accepted a holiday rental sector appeal against the ban.

Andrew Ede07/02/2023 19:08

Es Trenc beach in Mallorca


16.5 million tourists - and no more

"A maximum that should not be exceeded but should tend to decrease."

Andrew Ede05/02/2023 08:08

Bar terrace in Menorca


Balearics tourism in 2022 - only 397 fewer tourists

Foreign tourism in the Balearics compared with 2019 was much higher than for the whole of Spain.

Andrew Ede03/02/2023 07:25

Cala Galiota, Colonia Sant Jordi, Mallorca

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Weakness of the pound a warning for Spain's tourism in 2023

The Bank of Spain is less positive about tourism this year than politicians and industry representatives.

Andrew Ede27/01/2023 08:48

Santa Ponsa, Mallorca


Optimism for the 2023 season in Santa Ponsa

Reservations for the season are up compared with January 2019.

Andrew Ede25/01/2023 08:13

Prime Minister Sánchez and others at the Fitur tourism fair in Madrid


The Balearics will have "an excellent tourism season"

The Spanish government is upbeat and so is the Balearic government.

Andrew Ede20/01/2023 19:22

The president of Baleària, Adolfo Utor, at the Fitur fair in Madrid


Airlines pointing to a record summer for Balearic airports

Forecasts for increased flights and ferry services suggest a record tourism season this summer.

Andrew Ede20/01/2023 15:06

Fitur tourism fair in Madrid in 2022


Balearics looking to build on Spanish tourism success at Madrid fair

Focus on Spanish and French tourism for the Balearic tourism industry.

Andrew Ede18/01/2023 08:38

Playa de Palma, Mallorca


A third of British holidaymakers booking all-inclusive in 2023

Demand for all-inclusive has tended to rise when there are economic difficulties.

Andrew Ede17/01/2023 08:02

Flight control at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca


Seats for Palma flights in January and February at record levels

The principal reason is growth in demand from the Spanish market.

Andrew Ede10/01/2023 07:24

ILTM fair in Cannes


Mallorca the leading destination for luxury tourism in 2023

The Cannes luxury travel market in December pointed to Mallorca being the number one Mediterranean destination this year.

Andrew Ede08/01/2023 09:08

Princedam cruise ship in Alcudia, Mallorca


Cruise ships returning to Alcudia

A return, but just the three ships are scheduled for 2023.

Andrew Ede05/01/2023 08:12

Rosana Morillo, Spain's secretary-of-state for tourism


No tourism price war for the Balearics

"The strategy of the Balearic tourism sector has not been to compete on prices with Turkey or Egypt."

Andrew Ede04/01/2023 19:20

Tourism meeting at Balearic government HQ

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Huge new funding for Mallorca's tourism

EU Next Generation Funds for regeneration of resorts.

Andrew Ede03/01/2023 14:47

Christmas in Palma, Mallorca


Palma hotels drop prices as demand stalls

Over 80% of hotels in the city are currently open.

Andrew Ede28/12/2022 07:31

At the mirador in Deya, Mallorca

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Tourism charter for protecting the Tramuntana Mountains

Unesco's cultural tourism charter covers issues such as heritage protection and climate change.

Andrew Ede27/12/2022 10:04

Monnaber Nou Rural Hotel in Campanet, Mallorca

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Mallorca's 'other' tourism is booming

Rural tourism has registered record figures this year.

Andrew Ede27/12/2022 07:47

Passengers at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca


Strikes and inflation concerns for Mallorca's hoteliers

For 2023, the UK and German economies need to be working "better".

Andrew Ede16/12/2022 09:28

President Armengol of the Balearics and President Puig of Valencia


Residents' discount vouchers for Balearics-Valencia tourism

Promoting low-season tourism between the Balearics and Valencia.

Andrew Ede15/12/2022 18:15

Christmas in Palma, Mallorca


Palma, a Christmas shopping favourite for German tourists

The German market sustains low-season foreign tourism in Mallorca.

Andrew Ede14/12/2022 08:05

Fomento del Turismo, the Mallorca Tourist Board, and its annual awards

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Mallorca Tourist Board calls for greater institutional representation

117 years old, the Mallorca Tourist Board has opposed tourist taxes on four different occasions.

Andrew Ede13/12/2022 08:28

Playa de Palma, Mallorca

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Tourists in the winter - but where are the police?

"What is the point of promoting tourism in winter, if we can't have something as essential as security?"

Andrew Ede10/12/2022 08:01

People on the streets in Palma, Mallorca


Tourists flock to Palma for the Constitution holiday

Meanwhile, island residents are taking breaks in Germany and on cruises.

Andrew Ede06/12/2022 08:49

Palacio de Congresos in Palma, Mallorca

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Conferences and exhibitions a winter boost for Mallorca

The number of visitors may not be huge, but they have a positive impact on tackling seasonality.

Andrew Ede04/12/2022 07:56

Sebastian Ebel (CEO of Tui), Yaiza Castilla (the Canaries tourism minister), Maria Frontera of the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation and the Balearic tourism minister, Iago Negueurela at the first Convention of European Tourist Islands

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Tourist islands call for common European policy

The urgent fight against climate change, among other things.

Andrew Ede03/12/2022 08:00

Tourists in Palma, Mallorca


October foreign tourism in the Balearics was higher than in 2019

The combined total of foreign and national tourists in the Balearics in October was the highest ever.

Andrew Ede02/12/2022 16:12

Tourists in Formentor, Mallorca


Balearics tourist numbers, greater than most countries

Foreign tourism recovery in the Balearics has outstripped the European average by 15%.

Andrew Ede01/12/2022 07:46

Tourism conference at the University of the Balearic Islands in Palma, Mallorca

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Summer 2023 - the challenge of finding qualified staff

Affordable accommodation for employees from the mainland is just one of the issues.

Andrew Ede30/11/2022 08:47

MSC Cruises in Palma, Mallorca


Record number of cruise ships in Palma this December

High interest in Palma among cruise operators, but from next year a maximum of three ships per day.

Andrew Ede29/11/2022 08:52

Passengers at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca


Next year's tourism in the Balearics will be the same as 2022 "or better"

The CEO of Hotelbeds stresses that "holidays are not being given up".

Andrew Ede27/11/2022 07:38

Mallorca, October leader for hotel stays


A quarter of October hotel stays in Spain were in the Balearics

Between May and October, the Balearics were the national leader for tourism figures.

Andrew Ede25/11/2022 10:07

Queues will be signficantly reduced at airports.

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Travelling to the Balearics to get easier for Britons

Failing to remove items from their bags or travelling with large bottles of liquids is the biggest cause of delays at airport security.

Humphrey Carter24/11/2022 11:17

Passengers at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca


Balearics tourism recovery one of the strongest in the world

Catalonia has been toppled from its traditional number one position in Spain.

Andrew Ede24/11/2022 08:59

Visitors at the mirador in Deya, Mallorca

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Environment minister - it is "essential" to limit tourism growth

And it would be "crazy" to allow the population growth that has been forecast.

Andrew Ede23/11/2022 15:25

Passengers at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca


Mallorca's tourism sector anticipating an "excellent" December

All things being relative; but up to 80% occupancy in hotels that are open.

Andrew Ede22/11/2022 08:08