Vaccine passport: your view. | ETIENNE LAURENT


Dear Sir,

I love reading your articles on line and we'd love to return to Majorca and beautiful Spain. However, if Spain insist on the vaccine passports then we unfortunately will never return as a vaccine should be a choice not a coercive vehicle. For one my daughter and I can not have the vaccine due to medical reasons but there's also the ethical reasons of the possible long term effects of the vaccine which are unknown.

I really do hope that Spain do not insist on the vaccine passport as I feel they will find a lot more people will not return which would be further devastating to Spain's economy and tourist industry. We love Spain and would love nothing more than to return and see others do the same but fear for the consequences of the proposal of implementing of a vaccine passport.

I hope you don't mind me emailing but I felt I must share mine and many more British views on the proposed vaccine passports as the main stream media would like everyone to believe that everyone wants the vaccine when in fact they don't and in many cases can't. Therefore, you will likely limit those willing to return which I feel will have a devastating impact on any long term future recovery.

Kind regards