Vaccine passport: your view.

Vaccine passport: your view.


Dear Sir,

I love reading your articles on line and we'd love to return to Majorca and beautiful Spain. However, if Spain insist on the vaccine passports then we unfortunately will never return as a vaccine should be a choice not a coercive vehicle. For one my daughter and I can not have the vaccine due to medical reasons but there's also the ethical reasons of the possible long term effects of the vaccine which are unknown.

I really do hope that Spain do not insist on the vaccine passport as I feel they will find a lot more people will not return which would be further devastating to Spain's economy and tourist industry. We love Spain and would love nothing more than to return and see others do the same but fear for the consequences of the proposal of implementing of a vaccine passport.

I hope you don't mind me emailing but I felt I must share mine and many more British views on the proposed vaccine passports as the main stream media would like everyone to believe that everyone wants the vaccine when in fact they don't and in many cases can't. Therefore, you will likely limit those willing to return which I feel will have a devastating impact on any long term future recovery.

Kind regards



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Mr John Wilkinson / Hace 9 months

My wife and I have booked a holiday in Mallorca 18th May and have both had our first vaccination with now problems so hopefully we can visit the beautiful Mallorca. Regards John


Ned / Hace 10 months

I get someone not wanting to take the vaccine. I also get some are unable to take it for medical reasons. Additionally, it’s unclear as to the long term affects of one or more of the vaccines so I get that too. And really, everyone should have the right to take it or not. However, the part that is being missed here is that in order for someone who is unvaccinated to come here safely I, along with everyone else that lives here, have to be vaccinated. What happened to my right to not have it? That hardly seems reasonable because I should have the same rights under the exact same conditions. Not that it protects anyone from anyone else coming here that’s unvaccinated… but I guess that’s another discussion whether tourists infecting other tourists matters.

It has to be an equal two way street where the other country also needs to be open to unvaccinated people. I’m not seeing the UK doing that.


Peter / Hace 10 months

@David. It's totally irrelevant whether anyone visiting Mallorca is vaccinated or not. WE are the ones that need to be safe and ready to receive them. This won't be until we're ALL vaccinated in Mallorca, when this has been achieved, WE will advise when tourists may return.


The Happy Doctor / Hace 10 months

Personal choice is fine. Just don’t be surprised if you’re refused entry to all sorts of countries and venues if you refuse the vaccine. There are very very few medical reasons for not having the vaccine. I’m afraid the old fashioned thinking of ‘doing what you like is OK’ is not going to happen in the new world order.


James w / Hace 10 months

Very silly idea it won't work. There is seriously so many people who don't want the vaccine. I would say it will be a very quiet season again if this idea is put in place. Mallorca are not in a position to pick and choose there tourist.


Demir / Hace 10 months

People who are too vulnerable to take the vaccine surely should be even more worried about catching Covid, and last thing they need to do is sit in a plane where there are lots of people who are anti vaccine, anti mask, with big loud voices spreading a lethal infection to everyone else on the flight. Our only way out of this pandemic at the moment is vaccines. Without mass take up of vaccines, society will not return to anywhere normal, and the people who aren't doing their bit by accepting vaccine invitations should also be aware that their decisions to decline the vaccine will allow the virus to carry on spreading in our communities, mutating, and putting many more lives at risk. But I am probably wasting my time writing this, as they probably don't believe Covid exists anyway.


David / Hace 10 months

For those who are travelling from the UK and have had both jabs and have the necessary vaccine passport if this happens, I would also like to see proof that all serving in Bars and restaurants and the hospitality sector that they have also been fully vaccinated and have instantly visible proof. This works both ways. All very well Spain demanding we have a vaccine passport. WE need to be secure as possible that we will be safe, we are spending our money travelling over after all.


Lee Keir / Hace 10 months

I visit majorca 3 times per year but will never set foot in Spain again if you insist on vaccine passport,and there is many many more like me


Alison / Hace 10 months

If Vaccine passports are a key step to getting tourism back up and running they should 100% be put in place but ideally only as a short term measure. We have to consider people’s livelihoods. If some people cannot or don’t want vaccinations they may need to wait a little longer before travelling.


Per-Olof Lindberg / Hace 10 months

I totally share your thinkings. I was planning for the next trip but if vaccine passport will be needed, I'am afraid it will not be year 2021 for me.