Footage distributed by the Madrid Municipal Police on Saturday shows the moment when officers entered flats were illegal parties were being celebrated and found young people hiding under mattresses and inside a wardrobe. According to Municipal Police sources, in the late hours of Friday to Saturday, a series of illegal parties were evicted in three tourist flats in the centre of the capital and 44 complaints were filed. Mandatory credit: Madrid Municipal Police | Youtube: Ruptly


Partygoers hid under mattresses and in a cupboard at a packed house in Madrid in an attempt to avoid police at one of 227 illegal parties raided in the city over the weekend for breaches of COVID-19 restrictions.

Police video showed the hiding revellers, who were arrested. Another raid took place a bar which was not complying with restrictions to try and contain the spread of the virus.

"Two hundred and twenty seven illegal parties have been detected in Madrid on Friday and Saturday. People were not complying with the curfew, not using masks or were in premises without any security measures," Madrid's Municipal Police force in a statement issued on Saturday.

"We keep asking you for collaboration and responsibilty."

Madrid has the second highest two-week infection rate in Spain at 427 cases per 100,000 people on Friday, while the national rate is 294, a marked decline from 900 at the end of January.