Bars and restaurants re-open.

Bars and restaurants re-open.

19-02-2021Gemma Andreu

Bars and restaurants in Mallorca are set to re-open next Tuesday but only terraces will be open and they will have to close by 6p.m., according to reports reaching Bulletin-online this morning.

Balearic leader Francina Armengol is expected to make the announcement on Friday. The limited opening hours will come as a welcome relief for the hard pressed sector which has seen thousands lose their jobs.

The local government want a gradual return to normal with a "phased return to normality...."


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Gabrie / Hace 10 months now until 6, in two weeks until 8, then until 11, then until 1. In the meantime the infections will go up again. And then we go back to 11, then 8, then 6, then closed. If we get all the way to 1, though I don't think so...


John / Hace 10 months

As important as tourism is to Mallorca, It would have been safer to wait till the majority here are vaccinated too. I agree with many comments I have seen here. I also feel that the U.K is not the only country Mallorca should be worried about as many European countries are woefully slow in getting their own vaccinated and it's likely they will be here too. I dont feel these v..pasports are going to work as it discriminates also. But I also realize how desperate Mallorca is to get tourism going again. I hope it doesn't come at a price by coming here.


Rich / Hace 10 months

Is it true that the Punta Ballena bars will not be able to open their terraces? Of course I'm aware that the terraces of bars on the strip will spread the virus more than other bars. A hint of sarcasm in my comment. Or is it just bars with cafe concierto licenses that can't open their terraces ? If this is the case then I am dumbfounded and it can only mean that these bars are being singled out for an aggressive policy aimed at causing hunger, bankruptcy and loss of homes. It's not like there's hoards of marauding tourists!


Adam / Hace 10 months