Hopes for summer holidays.

Hopes for summer holidays.


The British government was accused this morning of raising expectation over summer holidays which might not be met if the government is forced to introduce tougher border controls, said Labour MP Yvette Cooper.

Cooper has warned that people shouldn't be booking summer holidays abroad at all, as borders controls may need to get stricter, not more relaxed, according to The Sun.

She told Radio 4's Today Programme: "There is a concern about whether the government is raising expectations about summer holidays that they may not be able to meet.

"This will depend on the relationship between the spread of these new variants and what happens with the vaccine.

"We've been advised on the committee by scientists that the strength of these border measures become even more important as domestic cases fall.

"As our own cases fall and as the economy and society opens up, they argue that that's when you actually need stronger measure at the border rather than reduce them.

"The government is encouraging people to think that those summer holidays are all going to be possible and international travel is going to return."


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Zoe / Hace 8 months

@Tommy, As of today UK after 2 months and a week 21 million had their first vaccine and a million their second Jab. calculating on that basis by June more than 70% will have at least one shot. Also there is the 4th vaccine which is a single shot vaccine, plus many more in the pipeline. Lack of availability of vaccine was/is the main reason for people not getting the jab. I believe by June Spain or at least Mallorca could catch up with vaccination.


Tommy / Hace 8 months

UK is no where near 70 percent yet and won't be till late June at best. Mallorca has only around 27000 ! people fully vaccinated to date. out of approx 1.2 million people. why risk months of hard lock downs in the UK , Germany , Spain etc etc , for the sake of some individuals who think life is only about holidays, holidays holidays....and then later moan about new lock downs and harder restrictions then inevitably to come back again end Summer early Autumn if the measures and restrictions are loosened too quickly .


Johnf / Hace 8 months

Malllorca needs up its own vaccine program before uk and the rest of Europe come to malllorca for their holidays


Steve / Hace 8 months

For once a Labour MP is talking sense. Cooper is 100% right.


Zoe / Hace 8 months

Not surprise, Labour likes to spread doom and gloom. If 70% of people in UK are vaccinated and those can travel why shouldn't they? otherwise we might just as well through the vaccines out, no point in having it if it is not going to change anything. As long as Balaerics gov speed up vaccination a safe corridor should open between UK and Mallorca.