The 40-49 age group will be vaccinated next month. | Archive


The Balearic director general for public health, Maria Antònia Font, said on Tuesday that appointments for people aged under-60 who have had one dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine will be available from June 2. The information system is being set up to enable the appointments to be made. It will allow those who have been waiting the longest to get appointments first.

Font stressed that everyone will be vaccinated and added that, "by default", the second dose will be the Pfizer vaccine. However, people who want AstraZeneca will be able to ask for it. They will need to sign an "informed document".

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She indicated that, for logistical purposes, there will be two vaccination centres - one for those who will receive Pfizer, the other for AstraZeneca.

In June, the health ministry will start vaccination of the 40 to 49 age group.

* It should be stressed that the AstraZeneca second dose arrangement does not affect the 60-69 age group who have received a first dose. Their second dose will still be AstraZeneca. For people under the age of 60, AstraZeneca was withdrawn, although it can - as noted above - still be requested.