The plane was heading to Alicante from Palma.

07-06-2021Youtube Última Hora

A plane was delayed at Palma airport for more than an hour this morning after a passenger refused to switch off her mobile phone.

According to eye-witnesses the woman was in the middle of a telephone call just as the plane was about to start taxing to the runway. When told my staff to turn off her phone she refused and an incident broke out.

The pilot was forced to abort the take-off and missed the slot. The flight was delayed for an hour as a result of the incident.


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Keith Dunlop / Hace 8 months

A considerable number of people are now traveling with their phones not turned off and there are practically no safety issues as a result. In addition to this many airlines now allow the use of mobile phones as it has been proven that they have no effect on the operation and safety of the aeroplane. This phobia about planes interfering with airline safety is just that: phobia. There should be a ruling on it so that this kind of confusion doesn't continue to plague us into the future. Still I think she should have switched off her phone for the sake of peace and getting to the destination as well as respecting the airline's rules, however arcane.


Mark / Hace 8 months

I don't really understand this about not using phones on planes, because on the 9/11 hijackings over 20-years ago all the loved ones use their mobile phones to call all those at home?


Colin Allcars / Hace 8 months

Was this passenger arrested and removed from the flight? Will she be prosecuted? Will she be banned from the airport and airline?


Stan. / Hace 8 months

The female passenger should have been removed from the Flight. Along with her luggage. The Fined several thousand Euros, and barred from using that Company for life. She was endangering the safety of the Aircraft and everyone else on that flight. She should have been made an example to anyone else when Flying. Tthe use of Mobile Phones on Aircraft has a major safety cause.


James, The First Of The Mohicans / Hace 8 months

I'm sorry to inform you, "lady", but when the front door is buttoned up, you lose ALL of your "freedom to do what you please" until the plane is at the gate at your final destination. It's stupid people like you who are the reason why we can't have nice things.


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 8 months

Sounds like an expensive flight for her in the end, and hopefully a ban for her, for the other passengers sake...