Old Lluc Road, Mallorca. | Ultima Hora


Home owners on the old Lluc road have received a raft of traffic fines in recent weeks for breaking the 60 km per hour speed limit on the Serra Ma-10.

The Government Delegation, the General Directorate of Traffic and the Consell de Mallorca agreed the speed limit at the end of 2020.

“The aim is to reinforce safety by focusing on a group of motorists to avoid risky behaviour and improve relations between motorists and residents in the Serra,” they said.


Last May, Government Delegate, Aina Calvo released the balance of results for the first months the measure were in place.

She confirmed more than 400 motorist had been fined on the Ma-10 and that 88% of them were penalisedfor speeding, but the total number of sanctions imposed on other types of vehicles, including cyclists, has not yet been revealed.

A significant number of residents in Pollensa access their homes via the Ma-10 route and Mayor Tomeu Cifre has asked Carreteres del Consell for a meeting to formally request that a higher speed be allowed between Km-0 and Km-6.

The only stretch of the Ma-10 which doesn't have a 60 kilometre per hour speed limit is the Ses Barques Viewpoint where it’s 50 kilometres per hour.