New Zealand stops quarantine-free travel with New South Wales for at least 72 hours

Sydney (Australia), 22/06/2021.- Passengers are seen lining up to check in at Sydney Domestic Airport, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 23 June 2021. New Zealand has stopped quarantine-free travel with New South Wales for at least 72 hours after the Bondi COVID-19 cluster in Sydney's east rose. (Nueva Zelanda) EFE/EPA/DAN HIMBRECHTS AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND OUT New Zealand stops quarantine-free travel with New South Wales for at least 72 hours


The Balearic government is confident that the islands will not be placed on Britain´s red list. There has been newspaper speculation in the United Kingdom that the islands would be placed in the top travel alert category.

However, this was dismissed by the Balearic government this morning who underlined the fact that the islands were a safe holiday destination.

The British government announced on Wednesday night that the islands would be placed on Britain´s amber travel list which means that those people have have not had the double jab would have to quarantine on their return.

Since the announcement there has been a massive rise in demand for holidays to Croatia.


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Peter / Hace 5 months

Alan is 100% right, on both of his posts here. Starting to wonder whether the MDB is aimed at residents or tourists, and whether it's really about the island's health, or merely concerned with money. From a resident's point of view, if our health and long-term economic recovery were the objective, Mallorca would better off on every country's red list, - or better yet, just close the damn airport until we're all vaccinated here....


Alan / Hace 5 months

@Martin. If you want a picture of a dickhead, just look in the mirror. This article is about British tourists and their Red list, duh...


Tom / Hace 5 months

@jeremy A government that is taking a massive gamble with its own population currently and by allowing them to partly travel to countries with far lower vaccinated countries is a government that is reckless and can be held liable for the serious consequences and deaths that follow . Boris and co political ambitions would be over sooner rhan he thinks . The Spanish Government is no better controlled by big tourism business , hotel and restaurant federations etc . The truth is governments in the first year of Covid put the publics health first now they have changed that policy and are saying loud and clear business first and the public health is what it will be and will be acceptable in those governments eyes !


Martin / Hace 5 months

Alan you are a full time dickhead you blame the brits the only tourists you’ve had there are the Spanish Germans and french so with a brain the size of yours that shouldn’t be hard to work out ya fool


Alan / Hace 5 months

Red, red come on the reds... UK on Red the sooner the better. Check out our daily contagion rates you Brit tourists, in just six weeks from 35, to 750 yesterday.. Just like you selfish b*as*ards, we don't want lockdown again. RED NOW !


Jeremy H / Hace 5 months


As opposed to the Uk government who think it is ok to lie to us for over a year and who screwed up pretty much everything they did????


John Dougal / Hace 5 months

The Balearic Government has been 'confident' about UK government policy many times before and also been so very wrong many times before. The Balearics will be on the UK red list within 4 weeks, most likely much sooner. It's total madness to plan to travel at a time when Covid infection rates are rising exponentially pretty much everywhere. If your ok with potentially arriving in resort only to find yourself having to scramble for flights home much earlier than planned and losing all the money you paid for the holiday then crack on and book up. I'll wait till next year.


Tom / Hace 5 months

If it goes red it’s a deliberate act too make money nothing else things need to change I for one wouldn’t take the slightest bit of notice when I got back


aa / Hace 5 months

But if it does go to red which is the next category then say hello to quarantine hotel upon your return and bye to £1700 paying for it, think ill not take the risk thanks


James / Hace 5 months

Every time the The Balearic Government implies everything will be okay, I shout 'yippee', spin around and walk smack face first in to a spikey cactus.