You deserve Spain, promotion campaign launched in London

Spain takes its message to the heart of London

Come to Spain campaign.

Come to Spain campaign.


The Spanish tourist promotion organisation, Turespaña, has taken their message to the heart of London; You Deserve Spain, is a banner message in Piccadilly Circus.

Spain is looking to attract millions of British tourists who have received both vaccinations and therefore do not need to quarantine on their return home.

The campaign, launched this morning, could mean that talk of Spain being placed on Britain´s Amber Plus list is not correct.


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Mike R / Hace 6 months

The BBC is reporting that the UK fell to 11th on the vaccine rollout list today.


Franco / Hace 6 months

Sounds like Mike R is bitter and twisted expat stuck on a failing island? Hopefully next election in two years may change things for the better in Majorca, but island very much a busted flush now as people have found wider horizons to eventually travel to,


Mike R / Hace 6 months

Some Brits will swallow any claim if it puts them in a good light.

The UK does NOT have the most successful vaccine rollout in the world. Far from it. The UK is tenth on the list.

Google it for yourself before you downvote this comment, or alternatively, just wallow in your own misguided arrogance.


Joan / Hace 6 months

@ Rick. Everybody is vulnerable, - vaccinated or otherwise. You'll "crack on" from your bed if you're hospitalied...


Joan / Hace 6 months

We all know what these Spaish idiots want, - British money, nothing more. They don't give a hoot about contagion or death rates anywhere. Stupid advert for stupid people...


Marvin the Martian / Hace 6 months

Piccadilly Circus looks empty and where have all the pigeons gone? Oh No!


Rick / Hace 6 months

The vulnerable have already been vaccinated.

Let’s crack on


David Martin / Hace 6 months

In general, British people behave themselves in Mallorca, so don't treat all of them the same way. In fact many of them live here.

British, if you come to enjoy and respect the rules, WELCOME, else go home, we don't want you.


Peter / Hace 6 months

Are there really still people that think that you can't catch and spread Covid if you''ve been vaccinated.....


zaax / Hace 6 months

Its needs to be espana